The One Up Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Experience the other realms..


Rethink candy

The chocolate bar, reimagined.

The One Up Psilocybin mushroom opens the door to a new world of chocolate bars, candy and spiritual enlightenment.

Taste premium chocolate goodness. Apart from being a psychedelic chocolate bar, our chocolate blend on its own is a marvel for your taste buds.

Psilocybin is provides the magical touch needed in our recipe. 3.5 grams goes in to each chocolate bar.

We set the standard. We are simply the first and the best psychedelic chocolate manufacturer in the market.

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We design sustainably

Our chocolate bars are perfect for first-timers who wish the experience the psychedelic realms. Our formular provides a powerful psychedelic punch at full dose while maintaining safety.

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